Microsoft Office Specialist European Computer Driving Licence  


Internationally Respected!
Microsoft Office Specialist is the official Microsoft Office certification for desktop productivity. It is globally recognised and helps you to prove your skills with ease. This is a great investment whether you’re looking for the ideal job, trying to advance in your present career, or pursuing academic goals. Microsoft Office Specialist gives you the tools to achieve more, distinguish yourself, and advance in today’s competitive academic and professional environments.

There are 2 levels

  • MOS Specialist Certificate
    Broken down into Master, Expert or Specialist User
  • MOS Master Instructor Certificate
    The learner needs to have passed the Master level and then have training experience which must be evidenced.

MOS exams are run at our Pitman Training Centres in their own right or in conjunction with our Expert level modules or Microsoft Office PLUS Diploma.

Looking for Work?

Microsoft Office Specialist certification:

  • Differentiates your CV and helps get the right job offers.

  • Provides a firm measure that validates Microsoft Office training.

  • Gives added credibility and substance to work skills.

  • Research shows not only do Microsoft Office Specialists find work faster, they also earn up to 12% more than people who are not certified

Keen on Career Advancement?

Microsoft Office Specialist certification:

  • Increases salary potential.

  • Sets you apart as a desktop computing expert in within your own organisation

  • Provides career opportunities, promotability, respect, and recognition

  • Research shows 82% of certified Microsoft Office Specialists report a salary increase after certification

Starting Out?

For students, Microsoft Office training and certification:

  • Provides a professional credential recognised around the world
  • Demonstrates computing efficiency and aptitude essential in the workplace

Microsoft Office Specialist exams use “live” or real applications to provide the most authentic evaluation of your knowledge, skills, and abilities.

Certiport’s performance-based testing uses specialised examination software while simultaneously running the actual Office programs. You can prepare for your certification exams by using officially licensed Microsoft Office training, courseware, assessments, and practice tests.

Pitman courses all map to MOS exams and the Pitman Microsoft Office PLUS Diploma provides you with all the Microsoft expertise you need to pass the MOS certification.





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