Love & Tate likes to make life easier for you. But when it comes to permanent recruitment there is one way we don’t mind making life a little more difficult: the final choice. 

We don’t bombard you with CVs, we do send you details of a handful of people that we recommend you meet. And when you do, these few may be so well matched that you feel spoilt for choice.

To save your nerve-endings and your time our reliable, professional recruiters:

  • Scour the UK or global market for top talent.

  • Sift, sort and assess to give you a great shortlist.

  • Work tirelessly to deadline, so you don’t have to.

With an extensive searchable database we can compile an initial shortlist of prospects within seconds and organise additional media and internet sourcing. 

Once we’ve matched to the most qualified candidates and talked to them to check their interest and availability, we’ll forward their details to you. 

We’ll brief candidates thoroughly before you meet them, so that the interview is as productive as possible. And we’ll talk to you both afterwards to gain feedback and make sure we are on the right lines. This feedback is essential and we can hone the criteria and search, persisting until you have absolutely the right person.

Throughout we will sort out queries, provide further information or clarification to both sides, handle negotiations or sit in interviews with your mangers if you would like us to.

We keep you informed of progress throughout the recruitment process, and check in regularly, even after the deal is done, to be sure of a smooth start to your new working relationship. 

We’re not being nosy. We just like to know that everything turned out as expected. We love a happy ending as much as you do. And furthermore, we know that in recruitment even the happiest endings eventually lead to a new beginning. Former Love & Tate candidates are some of our most loyal clients.

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