Do you have a temporary or interim assignment to fill in the greater London area? 

Love & Tate can source the right person with the right skills at the right time. Here are some tasters on how we do it. 

Our response times vary according to the specifics of the assignment, but we aim to be quick and precise to meet your deadlines. We are constantly screening, interviewing and vetting new candidates and with a large instantly searchable database of active people we are on the case instantly.

How do we find so many talented people? All sorts of ways - from internet research to signing up people after they’ve honed their skills on a Pitman Training course. 

But we rely most on a tried and tested, low-tech approach: word of mouth. More than 50% of our candidates are recommended by others. 

The process starts with your brief. You can fill us in by telephone or make a booking online. Either way, we’ll discuss the requirement with you fully before we proceed. That’s the key step, which ensures we don’t waste your time later on. 

Then we match your criteria and talk to you only about those people who can do the job and are available, interested and enthusiastic.

If your requirement is specialised we may need to look further a field. Our consultants are experts at using media, the internet and the Love & Tate network of contacts to find top talent. 

You can have CVs and interview if you would like to, but soon you’ll be happy to trust to your consultant’s judgment, especially when you need a result fast!

We work ‘by the book’, checking ID, right to work and references. We cover off HSE, confidentiality, code of conduct and EC working time regulations and company specific paperwork. 

Our service doesn’t end abruptly as soon as the ink is dry. We’ll be in touch with both you and the candidate on the first day, and periodically throughout the assignment, to be sure it’s all going well. If something doesn’t quite click we don’t just shrug and leave you in the lurch, we’ll fix it. 

…And we have fun doing this daily.  Quite simply, that’s our job.

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