Don't take our word for it, we actively record feedback from every Temporary Assignment and Permanent Placement to benchmark our performance.  The statistics below show our actual results or averages this year.  While it's nice to get compliments, we learn much more from realistic constructive feedback.  That's why we have a SHOUT policy.  If you are not happy tell us and we'll put it right straight away.   for our SHOUT policy


Our aim is to alert you to those people who have a good chance of making your shortlist, and with a good understanding of what you are looking for we can get results and save your time. 

Over the past 19 months working with one leading investment bank:

  • 100% of CVs sent resulted in Interview (44 CVs sent) 

  • 50% of interviews resulted in placement 

  • 0% of placements resulted in a credit note or replacement.

 This is an exceptionally good result but on average...